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Welcome to Origins!

Origins Online is a low rates (5x/5x/5x/3x) classic MMORPG emulator, with a small team of eager people realizing their vision of this classic game. We apply changes and fixes if we consider something game-breaking or to be a bug. In most aspects we can be described as a server with pre-Renewal mechanics and official-like gameplay. Since this is an old MMORPG we modify the game in non-immersive ways to improve the User Experience. The stability and fairness of the economy and of the general game-play is important to us and we don't mind deviating from the classic experience to ensure this.

What makes us unique among private servers, other than the lack of a donation system (and related unbalanced custom items) and game-breaking custom NPCs, is our episode-based release schedule. Similarly to how official servers did, we'll be adding features and content little by little, so that players will be able to enjoy the true origins of the game, which is unfortunately no longer available through official means.

To make sure you won't get bored, we offer some fancy little features that official servers lack, such as a larger amount of hair and cloth colors as well as hairstyles, hand-picked to make sure they all fit well within the game world, and an unique skin color system.

We also offer some convenience features, such as grouping all of your game accounts within your Master Account (read: forum account), so that you won't have to remember several usernames and passwords when you log in to the game, but just one (or none, if you wish to save your login data on your computer, our launcher offers that), and all of your characters will be able to access the same Master Storage to share items.

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Events are about to end!

News picture Hello everyone, just a heads up that the Christmas event will be ending on January 12th

The Ninja and Gunslinger event will also be ending on January 31st

Make sure to get all your questing and leveling in before these two dates!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Quest

Merry christmas everyone! We wish everyone a happy time with their families, if you happen to find some time to login to oRO, we decorated a little bit for the occassion. You can also do 2 christmas-themed quests, one being help out the Kafras and one being help out some kids.

More about it her...

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Reminder: Halloween Event will be ending soon.

Halloween Event

The end is near. The Halloween event will end on 15th November 2018. It's your last chance to get some of the rewards (e.g Deviling Hat Costume, Halloween Witch Hat, Hockey Mask Costume, Magic Eyes Costume etc.)

Episode 9.3: Ninjas vs. Gunslingers, Taekwon Ranker

Episode 9.3

The new episode is out, and it's bringing us new maps, classes, and a little big bonus for our Taekwon Kids!

Read about each below.

War has changed

War is on the horizon! With the realm of Midgard expanding, for the first time ever, Origins Online will be holding a points-based contest for u...

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Apply now!

Origins Staff is recruiting.

Send your application to support@originsro.org.

Some of the requirements can be read in the forums post.


Update: We're back online! Patch notes will be available on the forum shortly.

The server is offline for technical reasons (hardware faults on our hosting provider's side, no attacks or anything like that).
We were able to connect to the machine, and all the data is safe and in order.
There w...

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Episode 0.9.1: Juperos Ruins

Once a city belonging to an ancient civilation, the Ruins of Juperos now lie deep beneath the earth. Although there is little information to be gleaned about their origins, the ruins share many similarities to the city of Juno.

Located within El Mes Gorge (yuno_fild07), Juperos Ruins is infamous...

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Episode 0.9: The City of Steel and Its Sister, Einbroch and Einbech have arrived

Schwarzwald Republic is home to many brilliant scientists. Its history books speak of Lowin Ard Strahenstein, the name most closely associated with the invention of the steam engine, and the beginning of the Industrial Age. Steam engines revolutionized transportation and the manufacturing industry...

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