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Welcome to Origins!

Origins Online is a low rates (5x/5x/5x/3x) classic MMORPG emulator, with pre-Renewal mechanics and official-like gameplay. What makes us unique among private servers, other than the lack of a donation system (and related unbalanced custom items) and game-breaking custom NPCs, is our episode-based release schedule. Similarly to how official servers did, we'll be adding features and content little by little, so that players will be able to enjoy the true origins of the game, which is unfortunately no longer available through official means.

To make sure you won't get bored, we offer some fancy little features that official servers lack, such as a larger amount of hair and cloth colors as well as hairstyles, hand-picked to make sure they all fit well within the game world, and an unique skin color system.

We also offer some convenience features, such as grouping all of your game accounts within your Master Account (read: forum account), so that you won't have to remember several usernames and passwords when you log in to the game, but just one (or none, if you wish to save your login data on your computer, our launcher offers that), and all of your characters will be able to access the same Master Storage to share items.

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Important Notice about hijacked accounts

In the past few days we noticed an unusual amount of suspicious login attempts to several accounts, some of which are related to some reported hacking/theft cases.

We ran an investigation on our server's security and found out that the hacking attempts weren't caused by a flaw in our system, but t...

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Episode 10.3

Episode 10.3: Thanatos Tower is released now. Bank System and Mail System is enabled now. Everything you need to know in our patch notes at gitlab.

Feline Fishing Festival! Summer Event 2020


There's fun, fashion, and fish to be had for all.

Check out the details here!

Eclipse Extravaganza! Easter event 2020

This event has ended. Please visit originsrpg.org/surveys to tell us what you thought!

A horde of Eclipses have taken over Prontera Fields!

One woman desperately hopes to recover her pets, but her companion has other plans...

Check out the details event page

Returning to our roots (April Fool's Edition)

We have an important announcement to make regarding the future of Origins Online.

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Watch this space. Something may happen during the next 144 hours.

Halloween Event

Check out the Halloween Event on our Wiki.

Episode 10.1: Rebirth

Episode 10.1: Rebirth is released now. Everything you need to know in our patch notes at gitlab.