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WoE hiatus: a chance to catch up and bring in some new competition

WoE hiatus: a chance to catch up and bring in some new competition


Dear warrior, this is your chance to go level and gear up!

After the long awaited War of Emperium update, a single guild emerged victorious almost every single battle held weekly. With some guilds having quit and others just lacking general organization, we have agreed, and with support from the current castle holders, to remove their ownership of the castle and lend everyone a chance to prepare themselves hard for challenging battles to come.

Don't feel down, though. If are interested, the war schedule will be resumed after some conditions, to be soon announced on the forum, are met. Right now, our recommendation is that the guilds who wish to WoE should take this time to improve their conditions, and that smaller guilds team up in alliances to prevent single large groups from dominating the scenario. It's with great sorrow that we announce this temporary halt, but we believe it is necessary for balance to be reached again (and without unnecessary wipes).

For more information, keep an eye on this thread. Don't forget to join during the floating rates event weekend, by the way!

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