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Terms of Service

This user agreement covers the terms and conditions for users of any of the services provided by or anyhow related to OriginsRO (“Service”), including, but not limited to, Game Servers, Websites, Forums, IRC channels, shall they be managed by the OriginsRO Administrators or any related or unrelated third parties.

By creating an account, master account, character, or by progressing to any further usage of the Service, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you will be agreeing to abide by all of the terms and conditions of the agreement below. The following hold, regardless of status to any and all persons, groups, organizations, companies, bots, crawlers or the related that read or absorb, directly or indirectly, any information contained on or obtained through the Service.

You acknowledge that the information, opinions, content, promises or advertisements (“Content”) shown on, distributed through, downloaded, linked through, or accessed from the Service are not necessarily those of OriginsRO or endorsed by OriginsRO. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any Content shall be at your sole risk. OriginsRO reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make changes to, or correct any error or omissions in any portion of the Service and/or Content.

You represent, warrant and covenant that no materials of any kind submitted through your account will violate, plagiarize, or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous or otherwise unlawful material. You hereby indemnify, defend and hold harmless OriginsRO from and against any and all liability and costs, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you or any user of your account of this Agreement or the foregoing representations, warranties and covenants. You shall cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any such claim.

By engaging in any and all use of the Content and/or Service provided by OriginsRO the user and all related users of said account voluntarily relinquish any and all rights and entities, fictional or real, created by, induced by, brought into, referenced, promised, implied, or used in any and all efforts, relating or not, to OriginsRO and its Administrators thereof. In no such event shall these entities and rights be claimed or requested forcibly without the explicit permission of OriginsRO and its administrators in regard to the Content and/or Service.

Furthermore, OriginsRO is especially not to be liable for any of the following losses or damage (regardless of whether such damage or losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (a) loss of data; (b) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (f) losses suffered by third parties; or (g) any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of OriginsRO regardless of the form of action. OriginsRO claims the right to use any user's likeness, whether fictional, portrayed, or real, in any and all advertisements justifications and promotional campaigns.

OriginsRO reserves the right to override, modify, nullify, or restructure decisions made previously, regardless of time passed, when potentially affecting the wellbeing of it or its Administrators thereof. Any and all awards promised or implied, whether fictional or real, will be handed out at the administrators' sole decision. Such decision shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

Return of any prize notification as undeliverable or failure to reply within an acceptable time period as dictated by the Owner of OriginsRO may result in disqualification or selection of an alternative winner. If more than one prize is awarded, only one prize per entrant shall be awarded unless explicitly challenged by the Administrators of OriginsRO during the selection process. In extreme cases, when stemming from the fault of either party, as established by the Administrators thereof, OriginsRO reserves the right to deduct a partial sum of any prize when required in processing fees.

Awardees grant OriginsRO and all subsidiaries explicit permission to use their name and likeness in any and all promotional campaigns and events without compensation in any form. Awardees must make a prize claim subject to a time as specified within the initial prize notification; failure to do so may result in disqualification or the selection of an alternative winner. Winners furthermore agree to share any and all information, proof of likeness, or identity with OriginsRO and consents to their use for any promotional campaigns, justifications, or advertisements. Prizes are non-transferable under any circumstances, and there is no cash equivalent. Awards are at the sole discretion of OriginsRO, and no prizes will be awarded as a result of poor or improper actions or judgments on behalf or in relation to any entrant. Entries being judged on merit, subjective will, or ambiguous data reserve OriginsRO the right now to declare any winner, or delay the contest.


OriginsRO servers are based in the European Union, but does not own equipment or hire workers in the EU. However, OriginsRO does accept volunteers. All volunteers must pass an entrance process which generally involves an application and an interview, although special circumstances warrant special actions, and therefore general guidelines are not always adhered to. Volunteers receive no form of financial compensation of subsidization for their work, and are never coerced or forced into participating.

Equipment in the EU is rented by third party non-profit organizations and given to OriginsRO to be used, but belongs to the respective companies which offer the services.

OriginsRO runs on an Hercules-derived framework and on software licensed under the GNU General Public License, which do not violate Aegis copyright laws. The OriginsRO client is not a copy of any previously released client. As with any client used to connect to similar services, there are unavoidable similarities in the methods of operation and idea. Because individual labels of text and names does not validate copyright, OriginsRO is fully entitled to the use and distribution in and out of the European Union for any and all of its client-side software. Art forms expressed that may occur in the OriginsRO client has the unique use of conveying a more pleasurable gameplay for OriginsRO only; therefore, falls under a directly different purpose than similar art pieces that may occur elsewhere, and it has to be intended as an illustrated concept. OriginsRO does not distribute property of Gravity Co. Ltd., Gravity Interactive Inc., Gravity Europe SAS. or any other entities.

It is forbidden to attempt to find or exploit any loopholes which may exist for the purpose of legal prosecution, or malicious acting. In the event that a loophole is found in our guidelines, OriginsRO reserves the right to apply punishment in any occurrence of improper conduct, seek restitution for all resulting damages, and holds no liability for any damages caused through or by our actions. In addition. OriginsRO holds the right to claim compensation for all damages incurred.

All players realize that spending time on OriginsRO is purely voluntary, and are free to leave or change their level of participation at any time and OriginsRO in no way addicts or coerces its players or associated individuals, and therefore all actions are on a want, rather than a need, basis.

Players assume all responsibility for any and all possible damages that may occur on their own behalf. This includes all damages caused by both internal and external causes, and includes, but is not limited to, emotional, health, time off work, and any potential inability to carry out future endeavors.

Players also realize that OriginsRO has the ability, at its sole discretion to cancel or change any portion of its services at any time without prior warning, with no compensation to other parties.

Though connected to your chosen name and email address, upon registration OriginsRO is granted full ownership of your account and all the characters stored on OriginsRO servers, the items stored on these servers, or any other data which the servers and accounts are comprised of. This, however, does not change the fact that a user is entirely responsible for the safety of their own account information. If the owner has supplied others with their log in information, said user is responsible for any and all actions made on the account in question, regardless of whether or not the respective user has provided consent.

In case of rules or laws violations, any accounts may be irrevocably terminated, deleted or revoked by the Administrators' discretion.

In connection with your access, for security reasons data that potentially permit an identification (for example IP address, date, time, visited pages, logins or other logs) are being saved on our servers. No individual-related utilization of these data will take place, unless exceptional cases with the purpose of the Service safeguard. The right for a statistical analysis of anonymous data records is reserved.

When registering to OriginsRO, you shall provide your real e-mail address, which will be used only for account management and shall not forwarded to third parties, without your explicit approval. If data is being submitted to service providers in the context of commissioned data processing, the data is bound to the applicable laws in matter of privacy. By registering an account, you grant OriginsRO the right to use your e-mail address for (low traffic) internal communications, unless explicitly asked otherwise. Any of the messages sent will come with details on how to remove your e-mail address from the distribution lists.

Articles in OriginsRO discussion forums are open to the public (for reading). You should carefully review your posts before publishing whether they include information not intended for public. You have to face that your posts are included in search engines and accessible even without specifically addressing the OriginsRO website throughout the world. Deletion or correction of such entries often cannot be achieved at foreign operating companies. Persons younger than 18 years of age should not submit individual-related data to OriginsRO without approval of parents or parental guardians.

In some areas of the Service cookies are used for the purpose to realize user functions. The use of the Service without cookies is limited. Most browsers are preset to automatically accepting cookies. However, you can deactivate the saving of cookies or set your browser to notify you as soon as cookies are sent. Please refer to your software manual for instructions on this.

If you request any technical support, you consent to our remote accessing and review of the computer you load the Software onto for purposes of support and debugging. You agree that we may communicate with you via email and any similar technology for any purpose relating to the Service, the Software and any services or software which may in the future be provided by us or on our behalf.

OriginsRO does not condone account trading or selling.

Any account involved in these events, at GM discretion, shall be terminated immediately, along with appropriate related accounts.

In-game items and currency do not belong to the player. Rather, OriginsRO grants limited temporary ownership of items to player. Selling items/accounts/zeny to make a profit is strictly prohibited as players do not have the authority to do so.

If such actions are found out to happen, all the involved and related accounts may be permanently banned, terminated and/or deleted by the Administrators. Any items or zeny found to be traded for real money, services or goods, may be confiscated and the trade made void. No compensation shall be given to either party of the trade.

Either you or OriginsRO may terminate your account at any time without further obligation to the other. Further, OriginsRO reserves the right to terminate the service at any time without further obligation to you.

If the service or your account is terminated or canceled at any time for any reason, you agree to the following: (a) you will lose any characters developed or items accumulated and you will not have the right to transfer, sell or assign any characters or items to anyone else; (b) you may not access the service in any manner or for any reason, including via any other account. In the event that an account is terminated, OriginsRO may terminate any and all other related accounts; (c) we may terminate this Agreement (including your Software license and your Account) immediately and without notice if you breach this Agreement or willfully infringe any third party intellectual property rights, or if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us, or upon game play, chat or any player activity whatsoever which is, in our sole discretion, inappropriate and/or in violation of the spirit of Ragnarok Online as described in the Terms of Service.

The human operating the device connecting to the server at the time is said to be the “Player” of the account at that given instant. Although players may infringe on policies, it is the Character, Account, or Owner to take the blame and thus the punishments.

Identity should remain unique to each user. Maliciously “stealing” another player's name or take any other action with the intent to impersonate them or cause other forms of damage will not be tolerated by our staff. This may include and be not limited to impersonation of staff members, other fellow players or guilds. Any form of “Game Master” (GM) in a name is strictly forbidden. Creating a character name to imitate one of the Game Masters' names may be forbidden.

Penalty: Forced namechange and one week account to permanent account/IP ban. If the identity theft wasn't intended, a namechange may be offered at the Administrator's discretion. Game Master or Staff impersonations shall be grounds for immediate account termination.

Harassment can come in many different forms, and none of them are acceptable. Harassment may include, but not be limited to, verbally abusing an individual or group, unwanted following or stalking, threatening, embarrassing, spamming and spreading rumors. Harassment is defined as “Words, conduct or action, usually repeated or persistent that, being directed at a specific person, annoy, alarm, or cause substantial emotional distress, discomfort or unwanted attention of that person or any other person or entity.”

Personal attacks, such as those based on a person's race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, lifestyle choice, disablement or other such affiliation, are strictly prohibited.

If a Player is being harassed through private messages, said Player is asked to /ex before reporting it. If the offender changes characters to keep harassing the victim, the offender and all related accounts will be punished. If a Player is being harassed by being followed around or spammed, the Player is asked to contact a Game Master (“GM”) to request assistance, after politely asking the offender to stop, if applicable in the current situation.

Punishment for the above infractions can range anywhere from a twelve (12) hour jail to a three (3) day temporary ban for first offenses. Players who switch accounts to PM and harass others will be banned rather than jailed.

Players who have nothing good to say about another, are asked not to spread rumors in public chats, websites or forums of any sort. While we may not control what goes on in private chat of party, guild, or PMs of friends, we disapprove of it. Expressed rumor spreading will result in punishment in accordance to the severity. This includes, but it's not limited to rumors or defamation about fellow players, Game Masters of this or other servers, shall it happen through the OriginsRO Service or any other third party services.

Sitting in town (or any other public places, including #main chat, IRC channels and forums) gloating, talking about who you dislike, or gossiping is not tolerated. It's annoying, brings down any server's image, and is rather childish. If you're too bored to level, why not host an event or go make friends? Helping others provides a much more enjoyable experience for everyone, rather than harboring hatred and sharing that negativity with others in a public location.

Comments to stir competition are tolerated to a certain degree, but personal attacks or excessive flaming outside the WoE sections will not be allowed.

To extend this, it's highly suggested to avoid discussions in public chat channels (#main, IRC, forums) about topics that could offend other players or cause argues, such as politics, religion or sexual preferences.

Punishments may vary between a twelve (12) hours mute and one week account ban depending on the severity. Reiterations may lead to a permanent IP ban.

The OriginsRO community consists of people with varying ages and moral values. Therefore, anything considered as adult content is strictly forbidden. Words that may be considered objectionable are to be kept to a minimum. Repeated usage in channels where anyone who is not accepting of such terms is reading can lead to sanctions, at GM's discretion. Usage of vulgar words to offend an individual or group, or to describe a sexual or violent act will not be tolerated.

Attempts to bypass these rules with alternate languages, alternate spellings, symbols or other forms of internet speak will also fall under disciplinary action. The server's official language is English, and using other languages in public contexts is discouraged.

Punishments may vary between a verbal warning, a temporary mute, jail, or three (3) days account ban

Names — such as, but not limited to, account names, nicknames, character names, homunculus names, pet names, guild names, guild titles, party names, chat room titles, shop titles and signs — and pictures — such as avatars, signatures, guild emblems — may not violate third party's trademark rights, copyright, or other proprietary right, defame or imitate another player's name, or be considered vulgar or otherwise objectionable or offensive, according to the Terms of Service topic on Language and Inappropriate Contents. Edited Frost Joke / Scream scripts are subject to this rule as well.

Punishments may vary between a verbal warning, a forced namechange or character/guild deletion and three (3) days account ban.

Advertising other servers, no matter what their rates and features are is considered an unacceptable behavior, and it shall be severely punished. Merely mentioning another server one player has previously played in, or pointing out some other server's features in order to suggest improvements for the OriginsRO gaming experience may be exempted from this rule.

Penalty: One-week to permanent account/IP ban.

In case of serious rumors, doubts and accusations regarding the Staff's integrity or one of its members, harming, in any possible way, the server in a higher degree of severity, taken as exceptional/emergency occasions, the OriginsRO Staff is given the autonomy to convoke a committee with investigative purposes.

The committee, (“Ethics Council”), will be composed of up to six (6), and not less than four (4) active players from OriginsRO. The players will volunteer to be elected by the OriginsRO community, through official polls held on OriginsRO forums. Each player will vote only once and Game Masters are forbidden to vote. Players having past incriminations or staff notes on their OriginsRO records may not be allowed to volunteer.

The Ethics Council will last for up to ten (10) days. During the investigation, the Staff member under suspicion will be secluded from their functions.

The committee will have temporary access to investigate logs related to the accused Staff members, filtering out the references to any not involved Players and Staff members. Any Staff members refusing to cooperate and provide proofs will be presumed culprit.

The Ethics Council isn't granted any powers beyond the investigative purpose. In other words, the committee may not judge or take decisions beyond the necessary to investigate, being restricted to give its own sight about the accusations.

The Ethics Council will be asked to prepare a complete report, which will be submitted to the Staff, excluded the member under investigation. Said report will contain proofs of any sort, as long as they are legit. The Ethics Council investigations will not assume legal value until the absolute majority of its members' votes (at least half and one) is gathered in favor of it.

In case the investigation concludes for the GM integrity, the player who started the accusations will fall under the other Terms of Service topics, being duly punished at the Administrators' discretion. Ethics Council members forging faked proofs or accusations, or exploiting the special privileges given for personal purposes are liable to increased punishments.

Each player is entitled to one, and only one, Master Account, which corresponds to a Forum Account. Each Master Account allows creation of an unlimited amount of Game Accounts.

Master Accounts are individual and must not be shared, under any conditions. In order to share characters, players shall use the Guest Account system. Multiple players in the same household are to create different Master Accounts.

Penalty: In case of multiple Master Accounts reconducible to the same person, one-week ban or, for repeated infringements, permanent account ban. No penalty in case of shared Master Accounts, as the game mechanics already penalize this case.

In case a player registered multiple Master Accounts already, and they want to fix it, please get in touch with the development staff as soon as possible, through the Issue Tracker.

Scrolling or any other form of spamming is not allowed. Scrolling is defined as repeatedly causing the screen or the chat window to roll faster than users are able to type into it or preventing them to use the chat efficiently. Constant begging, nagging and messages flooding (including but not limited to public chat and #main chat) will also be considered spam.

Please do not spam skills or spells in populated areas in towns and cities. Brewing or Forging may fall under this rule, unless it's for a very limited time period. Please step away from the streets and/or the crowd if you need to do so.

Under no circumstances players are allowed to brew, spam skills or use Ice Wall near the Prontera fountain.

Using @duel in highly populated locations may be considered as spamming: please avoid it, and move to less populated areas.

Do not set up a chat room or shop near NPCs or warp portals. Setting up a chat room or shop on top of another person is also disallowed. In Prontera, chat rooms and shops may only be set up on the sidewalks.

Penalty: One-hour mute to one-day account ban. Shops and chatboxes in improper places may lead to character forced move or disconnection to one day jail time.

If a monster is following a player, the Player owns such monster as the player does not lose the attention of the monster, unless in some special cases described below.

If a monster owned by a player is attacked, provoked, or otherwise followed in close proximity with the intention of causing the monster to change target, the player doing such will have performed Kill Stealing. Examples of kill stealing include, but are not limited to, casting Turn Undead on an Anubis when it is following someone else, following close behind a Sniper mobbing Hill Winds trying to steal the Hill Winds from the Sniper or following an Assassin mobbing Vanberks and waiting for said Assassin to hide.

MVPs (Boss Monsters, not including mini-bosses) are considered Free For All and do not fall under the Kill Stealing rules. However, the general Grief Playing rules still apply.

To report a Player for Kill Stealing, one must either contact a GM so that they can see it first hand, or submit at least two (2) well defined incidents in screen-shots, or one well defined incident in a video. Videos are not to exceed 50mb in size.

Punishment for Kill Stealing may vary between a twelve (12) hour jail for a first offense and a one to three (3) day account ban. For repeated offenders, temporary bans will be issued on all associated accounts. For cases that are not well defined, a verbal warning will be issued.

Hitting monsters to damage them by 50% and then teleporting, waiting for someone else to kill them as a strategy for leveling or hunting is against the rules. While the rules for this are not completely defined, GMs are free to use their own judgment to determine whether an incident is an infraction of the rules. This is a very much common-sense rule.

Punishment may vary between a six (6) hour jail for a first offense and a one day account ban. For repeated offenders, temporary bans will be issued on all associated accounts.

AFK Leveling refers to, but is not limited to, autocast or reflect features that allow the killing or weakening of monsters while the Player is not there (either away from the computer or alt-tabbing to do other things), such as using a High Orc Card and a Grand Cross to TU. This however, does not include training homunculus leeching or being leeched, as long as the above is not also done at the same time. AFK leveling in general is defined not by what the player is doing, but rather by how they react. If you do not pass the test, whether you are AFK, alt-tabbed, on a different character, talking on the phone, or watching TV, you will be considered an AFK leveler.

AFK teleporters are defined as anyone teleporting and not passing the modified AFK test. It doesn't matter if you're using a macro, having a younger brother do it, or watching TV and just using Fly Wings. If you do not pass the test, you are an AFK teleporter. Those logging off while the test is being conducted will also receive the same punishment as an AFK teleporter.

An alchemist/biochemist with a homunculus is allowed to level, hunt, and otherwise kill monsters as long as they won't use third party programs. Autoloot will turn off after 5 (five) minutes of inactivity, and exp gain will cease after 30 (thirty) minutes of inactivity. AFK feeding is not allowed, and being caught feeding while AFK by a GM or another player may be punishable.

AFK Levelers will be tested by a GM or an independent player for one minute. Any AFK Leveler exceeding one minute of inactivity, will be punishable when reported. The report must offer sufficient proof, with screenshots showing two distinct instances with at least forty-five (45) seconds of separation.

Punishment for AFK Leveling or Autofeeding on a first offense is: (a) Deduction of 10% of the experience points earned by a character in its whole history (Experience tables-based); in case the character is in a guild and with any form of tax set, and/or in a share party, experience penalty is applied to the leechers and/or the guild as well; (b) a three millions (3M) zeny fine to be taken from the character or a related account; if no zeny is present, items of closest (higher) worth will be deleted, or the character will be blacklisted for future removal of zeny. Reiterations will result in amplified punishments, up to character deletion.

The punishment for an AFK teleporter is the loss of zeny/items on the infringing character, a 10% exp penalty, as in the case of AFK levelers and a 5 day jail for the first offense. Any rule breaking after this will result in a ban.

Anyone idling/afking in any of the Battlegrounds maps may be punished with a 10% total exp loss and one to three days account ban. In extreme cases where alternate accounts are being used, this will stretch to a ban across all accounts, at GMs discretion. After the first punishment, more severe punishments will be handed out, at GMs discretion.

Intentionally disrupting another player's gameplay is said to be Grief-Playing. This may include de-buffing others outside of PvP/WoE maps. Debuffing includes aspersio to weaken damage or KE when the player is on assumptio. Using reversed buffs with no side effects such as Blessing on Undead monsters will not be considered grief-playing.

In WoE, PvP, MVP environments, or in places where it would cause a disadvantage to other players, you may not trade with, add to your friends list, or send guild/party invitations to another player.

Although MVPs are free-for-all, using skills such as Pneuma, Safety Wall and Ice Wall to prevent others from attacking them, buffing, healing or affecting a monster in negative ways to other players is considered grief-play.

If a Player purposely teleports, or loses the target of a monster or group of monsters in a way such that the mob attacks an unsuspecting player or party, that offending player is said to have Mob Dropped. Likewise, spawning dead branches or bloody branches, or changing a monster's class through the Azoth weapon, Hylozoist card or the “???” skill near someone unwanting is also considered Mob Dropping, and will be treated in the same way. It is also forbidden to use dead branches, bloody branches, Azoth, Hylozoist and “???” in towns, PvP/GvG maps, newbie/low level training areas and the “safe paths” between towns, or, in any case, 1 map away from towns.

To report a mob drop incident, players must provide two distinct screen shots. To report a branching incident, a player must take one screenshot. An authorized GM will then look at branch logs.

Using skills near others that require you to hide first will also fall under the category of mob-dropping. Please do it in an isolated place. Constantly following a character which uses hiding skills to kill monster and preventing them to kill without mob dropping will, though, fall back in the Kill Steal rule.

Punishment for grief playing is a one to three (3) day ban. For heavily repeated offenses, punishment may be increased at GMs discretion. Punishment for WoE grief playing may be delayed to include the following week WoE.

Scamming is not allowed. Actions with the purpose, whether implicit or explicit, to generally mislead in the case of a trade, vend, or other sort of transaction are not allowed. Vending non-slotted items for slotted item prices is considered scamming.

If you enter into a typed contract with someone to form a legitimate trade and then fail to complete your end of the deal, you are obligated to reverse the trade. Keeping items without honoring your typed contract is forbidden. However, GMs will exercise total discretion in dealing with these cases. You should make sure the trade will go through. Obtaining collateral is recommended.

Scamming will have a variety of punishments decided on by the GM per case. In the case of vending non-slotted items for slotted prices, the merchant will be jailed. In addition, your associated accounts will be blacklisted. In the future, you may find the amount of zeny attempted to be scammed spontaneously gone from one of your characters.

Emblem changes with an intent to look similar to, or in anyway resemble, any active WoE Guild (at GMs' complete discretion) is illegal. Changing your emblem during WoE for the purpose of confusing another guild is not allowed and may be punishable.

Disabling of the emblem during WoE is not allowed. Any WoE guild (as determined subjectively by GMs) must use an unique emblem during War of Emperium. Emblems with more than 70% of transparent pixels, or resembling mouse cursors or other game sprites meant to confuse the enemy guilds may fall in this category.

The guildleader is punishable for guild rules infringements. This could range from a warning to jailing of the guild master to a temporary ban, preferably during WoE times. Continued offense will result in guild level lowering, disabling of certain skills for amounts of time, or even the total disbanding of a guild.

Mobbing refers to the act of accumulating a large amount of monsters to follow a character, usually so they can be killed faster or more efficiently by using Area of Effect attacks.

While mobbing is allowed, it should be noted that, if a party isn't alone in a map, the monsters should be divided fairly among players. This means that all players should be able to mob with the same ease, and mobs shouldn't be dragged from too far away from wherever they are going to be killed. Therefore, mobbing the entire map, or getting too many monsters to follow a player character before actually killing them, can greatly harm another player's ability to use that map for their purposes. This is not only discouraged, but shall be met with punishment. If a party does not realize another's presence on the map, at least one verbal warning is to be issued via public channel from a player to the party. After that, should the excessive mobbing not cease, players are advised to start collecting evidence and to warn a Game Master.

All players involved in the infringing party are subject to punishment. This may range from a verbal warning for the first occurence, to a 3-day ban, to two weeks of suspension.

Altering the game in any way to give yourself an advantage over other players is inadmissible. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of third party programs such as WPE, OpenKore (or any other botting or packet editor program), hexed clients or client files, and keyboard/mouse/auto response macros.

OriginsRO does not condone the editing of the client, GRF, or related files or processes. However, there is an allowed and a tolerated list of modifications if players know how to make the edits. These edits do not provide any advantage, and only serve for preference purposes. Any edit not included on the Allowed and Tolerated Lists is, by default, on the Disallowed List. Edits on the Tolerated list will not be punishable, but they will void the GMs support on clientside matters.

  • Homunculus AI scripts. Note that alchemists and biochemists must make sure their homunculus will respect the rules itself. An alchemist is punishable for kill-stealing or similar actions done by their homunculus.
  • Frost Joke/Scream text (MUST DISPLAY A LINE). This has to go into a new GRF file named custom.grf inside the “OriginsRO\OrigRO\” folder (create it if it doesn't exist.) For further details contact a GM.
  • Alternate (new style) mouse cursor. (through custom.grf)
  • Custom Skins, in the “OriginsRO\Skin\” folder.

  • Modified Auras sprites. (through custom.grf)
  • Change empty guild emblems to blacks, or custom. (through custom.grf)
  • Modified Cast Circles. (through custom.grf)
  • Modified pettalktable.xml. (through custom.grf)

  • Changing/Deleting the blind effect from Demon of the Heavens.
  • Make items already identified.
  • Editing to see WoE damage.
  • Editing to see cloaked/hidden characters.
  • Editing homunculus, player or monster sprites, or related .act files.
  • Changing monster sprites (for example to target MvPs or other mobs).
  • Editing skillnametable to make certain skills easier to see. Switching between iRO / kRO names may be tolerated though.
  • Deleting trees and pieces of scenery.
  • Modified item sprites.

It is encouraged that guilds check that each of their players is not using a modified client.

Random (or select) people from different guilds may be checked at GMs discretion. While GMs will try to avoid doing this during big rushes or heavy defenses, sometimes it is necessary, and thus will be done. Checks will be anywhere from non-woe times, beginning of WoE, to the end of WoE and may be in either an active or a passive form. A passive check is completely invisible to the user, and won't require them to do anything. An active check requires a player to perform simple actions, as instructed by a Game Master - either through personal messages or in person - or as shown by a NPC dialogue or picture displayed on the player's screen. Anyone logging out or “disconnecting” during a check will be auto-banned in most cases. However, we will analyze each case independently. Some forms of checks may be completely automated, and using any form of not explicitly allowed or tolerated third party programs might lead to an automatic and irrevocable punishment. Players are encouraged, in case of doubts, to submit their third party programs or modifications to the staff for an authorization to their safe usage (and consequent whitelisting in the check tools).

Accusations of cheating or unfair activity should be brought up in private with a member of OriginsRO GM team. Please provide proof of the rule infringement before you point any fingers. This also applies to the GM team: attacks on our staff will be treated in the same fashion as a player vs player case.

Note that anyone found using or promoting the usage of unofficial clients and third party software (other than the ones available on the site and listed here) will receive a punishment based on how severe the found edit is. All robots, macros, and hardware that allows an extra advantage is disallowed. All offenders will be permanently banned, along with all related accounts and IPs. Those using hardware may receive one warning first.

If the edit is found to be advantageous in War of Emperium (at the Administrators' discretion), the related guilds will lose all castles for that week, and have all commerce wiped. Depending on the situation, it may also carry over to the alliance. On repeated offenses, other guild punishments will also be enacted. Any guild found supporting disallowed modified clients will also be punished.

Anyone attempting to do any Hacking or Cracking activity against our servers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, all related accounts and IPs may get permanently banned from the game, forums, and IRC.

Game Masters will use total discretion when dealing with hacking cases that do not result from server security problems. Hacking is defined as any unlawful act relating to another player's account, whether access is given willingly or not.

Players who share accounts will receive limited help from the Administrators. This may include include brewers and guild characters. For any given situation, however, it is the Administration's sole decision whether to aid with a case. Also, note that by using someone else's character, you may become permanently linked to their related accounts list, thus making each risk to get punished because of the other's actions in case of serious infringements to rules requiring an Account/IP ban.

If an exploitable bug is found in game, any players knowing about it have to report the issue through our Bugtracker, in private form, as explained in the Bugtracker guidelines. If any abuse of the bug in question is to take place, the perpetrator may be banned relatively to the severity of the abuse. This is extended to those who fail to report someone else exploiting a bug. Not knowing it is a bug and not a game mechanic is not valid as an excuse. In case of doubt, better to report it anyways, or ask a Game Master.

Punishments for bug exploits are almost always a permanent ban on all related accounts and IPs. Deals are sometimes made to unban, at complete Administrators' discretion, depending on the situation, and the information the player has to offer in exchange.

Create threads in the appropriate section. OriginsRO forums are divided in specific sections for a reason. Do not make threads directed at one person or group. Please use the PM feature of the forums.

Penalty: thread moved or deleted without notification.

Do not spam, multi-post, and/or post the same content in multiple sections. Any post that is not directly related to or does not contribute to the thread's original purpose will be considered spam. Making two or more consecutive posts is considered multi-posting. Use the editing feature instead. Please don't make multiple threads consisting of the same content. One thread is enough for your topic to be seen by others. Do not create topics already discussed. Please use the Search function to avoid this problem.

Penalty: thread deleted.

Do not register multiple forum accounts (“Master Accounts”). Each person is entitled to only one forum account. If you'd like to change your forum name, you can edit your current account. If you forgot your password, please use the appropriate password reset function. If you are banned for a period of time, wait it out. Attempts to bypass that ban will just prolong it.

Depending on the severity of the report, judicial action might not be taken. Staff members will also take into consideration the background details, such as the individual standings of both parties and the relationship between them.

Reports must be based on infringement of the Terms of Service. Any report against another member can only be made if the accused has broken any one of the Terms. All other reports will be made void.

Reports must include evidence. The staff cannot act only according to what someone says. Unless otherwise stated, such reports will be put on hold until actual proof is provided. If nothing is provided, the report will be closed. This includes defensive posts: you will need to show proof in order to defend yourself, or your post will be made void. Screenshots may not have edits or censor traces on them, or they will be made void. If the screenshot accidentally shows unrelated private messages (PMs, guild chat, party chat) that you don't want to publicly post, you are free to cover some parts, as long as you provide an unedited copy to the Game Masters through a Personal Message.

Please make only one report for each case. This rule would also apply to the making of new thread even after a verdict has been reached. If you feel the result was unjust, please PM a GM about it rather than making another topic.

Do not post if you're unrelated to the case. This section is not a place for discussions. Unless you have actual proof to contribute to the case, please do not post no matter what valid reason you feel you have to do so.

Be specific of what you are buying, selling or trading. When creating a thread, please try to leave specific details, such as amounts and cost ranges. If you're unsure of an item's price, please consult the Price Check section. Although this rule won't be strictly enforced, it is here only to aid you in acquiring what you're looking for faster.

This server does not allow the trading of accounts, items of other servers or real money. Please do not make any requests of that kind.

All auctions must include the following:

  • Exact Description Of Item(s). If the items do not match their description, the auction shall be made void and the auctioneer punished.
  • Start Date.
  • End Date. Auctions may not be canceled after one day before end date, or the cancel notification will be made void. You cannot have as an end-date condition a “satisfactory bid”. All auction end-dates must have either an exact date or a set time period.
  • Starting Bid (if any). You may not accept anything other than zeny on your auction thread. However, you may make a private deal with someone and cancel your auction so long as there is more than one day left in the auction.
  • Bidding Increments (if any).
  • Contact Information.

If, after being warned that one or more of the above is missing, no change is made, the thread will be closed. At the end of the auction, item must be sold to the highest bidder on the thread. You cannot go against the auction results and sell the item to someone else, no matter what the reasons are. Please note that the highest bidder is the highest bidder on the thread. You cannot claim that someone has made a private bid. All items that are not rightfully sold to the highest bidder will be forcibly traded to the person.

If the winning bidder cannot be contacted up to a week after the end date has passed, auctioneers are no longer bound to the auction results. You are free to do whatever you want with the item.

Bidders cannot make bids for any other reason but to win an item. An example would be bidding to raise the minimum bid. If it turns out that you are the winning bidder, you must pay up the auctioneer. If you do not, the trade will be done forcibly.

You may only bid with zeny. Do not post anything regarding other offers. You may offer something to the auctioneer through other contact methods, since the auctioneer may cancel the auction if allowed to, but you may not make private bids for the actual auction.

This section is not a place for discussions. Do not reply in an auction thread complaining about how the starting bid is too high. If you do not like the auction details, do not bid.

This section is made solely for the purpose of finding the average price of items. Also, this section is also for reference for other players in the future as well. Any trading discussions will make your thread harder to read for information. Do not buy/sell in this section.

Threads must include a complete and detailed description of the actual suggestion, as well as the reasons and argumentations in favor of it. Please select the suggestion category while posting. The lack of any of the requirements will get a suggestion voided.

Please note that we try to adhere to Official servers in their pre-renewal state. Any suggestions trying to modify the gaming experience and make it different than those servers, must be explicitly said, and it may be not considered at the Staff's discretion. Please note that iRO (International Ragnarok Online) is in some cases different than the other Official servers; in such cases, we try to follow the standard version instead of the iRO one.

Player votes on suggestions are encouraged, and they should come with argumentations, where applicable. The voting system to be used is the “mailing-list voting”, which consists in posting “+1” (positive vote) or “-1” (negative vote), followed or preceded by the argumentation of the case. Posts not following the above may be voided. Note that, for example, “+5” will not add five positives votes to the suggestion, but zero. Multiple votes by the same player will not be counted in. In any case, the final answer about a suggestion is at the Administrators' and the dev staff's sole discretion, and may or may not go against the majority of the votes.

Suggestions not following the guidelines may get voided or deleted by the Game Masters' discretion.

Threads must include a complete and detailed description of the issue that needs technical support, as well as any other related informations. Screenshots are greatly appreciated.

In case of a client issue, you are asked to post the error details, including the Gravity Handler hex dump, if applicable, as well as some details on your setup (setup type - kRO+OriginsRO lite, OriginsRO full, etc; installation folder) and your operating system version.

Posting the patch status details is encouraged, since it makes the troubleshooting faster. To get a report on your client patch status, open the OriginsRO launcher and choose Save Report from the File menu. You can either upload the file to a hosting site or copy its contents and include it in your post, wrapped in “[code] [/code]” tags.

Threads must include a complete and detailed description of the reported bug, as well as any other related informations. Screenshots are appreciated, if they help or are needed to explain the problem properly. Reports that are missing a category are to be considered void. Categories can be chosen while posting the bug details.

In case of a client issue, you are asked to post the error details, including the Gravity Handler hex dump, if any, as well as some details on your setup (setup type - kRO+OriginsRO lite, OriginsRO full, etc; installation folder) and your operating system version.

Detailed informations on how to reproduce the problem are generally required, unless it's made obvious by the problem details, and the report may be voided if it's not present.

In case of exploitable bugs, the report has to be made in private form, by checking the appropriate box while posting the report.

Posts explaining how to exploit a bug, if not made private through the above explained method will follow the general server rules about bug exploitation.