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Wondering who's behind OriginsRO?

Read on and you'll learn a little bit about each of us!

In order of appearance:


Hello, I'm the Haru. I have been playing Ragnarok Online since 2005, and I've been a staff member or administrator at various - more or less known - RO servers since 2006-2007, even though, back then I was known under other nicknames, most of which have now fallen into oblivion. I don't like referring to myself as a Game Master, but rather, as a Developer, and that's exactly what I enjoy the most about managing a RO server (other than playing it): developing new features to make it unique.

In Real Lifeā„¢, I'm a software developer, and a perfectly normal human being, although people keep telling me they think I'm probably an alien from Outer Space. Despite my name, I'm -- oh, wait, my name is used for both guys and girls! (This applies to both my nickname and my real name!) Yep, I like to leave my gender up to the reader's decision ^_~

Role: Founder, Admin, Developer


I'm a Brazilian who first played RO when Juno had just came out on bRO. I enjoy having a nice time with our friends, whether we are doing something fun or I'm just helping them out. I'll take any suggestion, complaint, question or comment and either answer it immediately or forward it to the rest of the staff for a discussion to take place as soon as possible. I check the forums often and read everything (except for the trade section). If you have made any request, you can be sure I'm aware of it!

Roles: Developer


Hello, I'm skyleo! I've been playing Ragnarok since 2005 and I hopped between a lot of different private servers. But finally at some time I arrived at OriginsRO! Such precious treasure. I've been the Server Administrator on 3 private servers, so I gathered quite some experience and I hope that it's going to help OriginsRO. I work on the CP and I script NPCs/Events from time to time. In my freetime I learn Japanese and watch Anime and read Manga.

Roles: Scripter


Hello, I'm Watt. I have been playing RO since 2006 and still love this game. This is my first time being part of the staff in a server, although I have always tried to assist the staff in most servers I played. Programming is something I enjoy and have a fair amount of experience. My hobbies include reading fiction books and articles related to STEM, learning and playing games, watching series, movies and some anime.

Roles: Support, Developer


Hi, I'm Catria! I've played Ragnarok Online on and off since 2004. I recently joined OriginsRO team to do advertisement and any answer questions in-game. I also like to create events when I can, as I enjoy seeing players socialize together. My hobbies consists of oil painting, playing the latest Fire Emblem game and watching lots of movies.

Roles: Support, Public Relations