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If you need to talk to a GM or staff member, you can reach us through the game, forum, email, GitLab, Discord or Telegram, but please be wary of staff impersonators that may try to scam you. Staff members will never ask for your password, and will never accept money from anyone.

Using the most appropriate contact method depending on the nature of your request, will result in a faster response:

  • For technical support, such as problems with the game client, connectivity or the website, read the General Troubleshooting Instructions, which will solve most issues. If your problem isn't solved after following the instructions mentioned there or is not covered by it, you can use the Technical Support section of the forum or the #support channel in Discord, where players and staff members will be able to help you.
  • For bug reports create a ticket on GitLab. If it's a critical, exploitable, bug, make sure to mark it as confidential!
  • If you have a suggestion, create a ticket on GitLab. If it's a change to game mechanics that may clash with other's personal preferences, make a thread in the forum to house the discussion instead, and let the staff create the ticket for you if the suggestion is approved.
  • For the GM services listed in the FAQ, use the #services channel in Discord, Telegram or contact a Game Master in game.
  • For bot reports, you may contact a Game Master or Bot Hunter through the #support channel in Discord or in game if they're online.
  • For ToS violation reports, you can create a topic in the Report a Player section of the forum or send us an email (support [AT] originsro [DOT] org).
  • If you need to contact an administrator for any reason, send an email to admin [AT] originsro [DOT] org.

How to tell apart real staff members from scammers


In game, staff members have their special Game Master clothes and a name that begins with [GM] (Game Master) or [BH] (Bot Hunter).

If a GM contacts you through a personal message, you may ask them to reveal themselves, so that you can be sure they're not being impersonated by a regular player. If you didn't install any unauthorized patches to your client, only a real GM will look like the following image (although with a different hairstyle and cloth color).

The distinctive GM clothes

Contrarily to popular belief, GMs, like everyone else, show up in the user list in a chat room. If someone wants you to believe otherwise, they might be trying to scam you. For example, the following image shows a very common attempt: notice how there seems to be a GM in the room, but there isn't any in the list or in the user counter on the top. There are no GMs there, don't fall for it!

An example of chatroom scam


Staff members in the forum are identifiable by the color of their name and a badge under their profile picture.

The color codes are:

  • Red for Administrators
  • Teal for Developers
  • Blue for Game Masters
  • Magenta for Robots

A (fictional) GM on the forum


Staff members in Discord are identifiable by the teal color of their name, when in the official Origins Online server.

If a staff member contacts you in a private message, their name will show without any color codes. In order to identify a real GM from an impersonator, you should click their name and check their unique identifier.

You can find a list of the Origins staff members in the #welcome_starthere_readme channel. Right-click their names, to compare the unique identifiers with the ones that sent you a personal message.

Open a user's profile by right-clicking their name

Example of user profile