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Origins Online Episode 0.4

Origins Online Episode 0.4

Hello Players!

We're now ready to announce the next, long awaited, content update for Origins Online!

Episode 0.4

Some Press Releases from the Kafra Headquarters:


According to legend, there is a forgotten path somewhere near north Comodo. At the end of the path, there is a giant tree from which treasure springs forth. It has been said: "Men ruled by avarice will obtain treasure. But men who are not will be led to a new world."
After several years of research around Ruande and Zenhai Marsh, the long forgotten path has finally been found.
Through an old wooden bridge, over a canyon that makes you understand how small and insignificant humans can be, adventurers can reach a great jungle forest, so large that it almost envelopes the sky. Far into the jungle, there is a small tribal village full of people wearing strange masks who worship the Mother Tree. They call themselves the Utan Tribe of Umbala.
Rumors say that the Umbala Tree may be related to the Yggdrasil Tree, and adventurers may be able to reach another world through it.
The Kafra Corp. will provide teleportation service from and to Umbala, for adventurers and tourists alike.

War of Emperium

Following the recent friendship treaty with the Schwarzwald Republic, defense of the castles of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom weakened.
Armies of monsters are marching and attempting to take control of the castles in all the major towns, causing a real threat to the Kingdom. "The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor.", announced King Tristan Gaebolg III.
The Kafra HQ will offer a free contract with one of our employees, to be stationed within any castle whose Emperium is secured, to provide services to the controlling guild.

For more informatino about the WoE times and open castles, visit Forums or Control Panel

A short summary of the new content of Episode 0.4:

  • Maps: Town of Umbala, Luluka Forest, Hoomga Jungle, Kalala Swamp (Umbala fields), Tree of Umbala (Umbala Dungeon), Hvergelmir's Fountain (Trunk of Yggdrasil), Niflheim, Skellington, Valley of Gjoll (Niflheim fields), Guild Castles in Prontera, Payon, Geffen, Aldebaran.
  • Quests: Most of the quests from, or related to, Umbala and Niflheim (including new headgears)
  • War of Emperium: WoE will be regularly held every week, in one castle. Every month the castle will change to a new one, preserving the previous guild ownership.

Note: Even though we decided to keep the 'beta' title for this episode, we're confident about the server's stability, so it's planned that NO WIPES will (ever) occur past this stage.

Here's a short list of current main content that is available as of Episode 0.4 (in bold the new content not present in Episode 0.3.)


  • Swordsman/Swordswoman, Knight, Crusader.
  • Mage, Wizard, Sage.
  • Archer, Hunter/Huntress, Bard/Dancer.
  • Merchant, Blacksmith, Alchemist.
  • Thief, Assassin, Rogue.
  • Acolyte, Priest/Priestess, Monk.
  • Novice/Super Novice.


  • Monster spawns are largely based on iRO classic, as described at: http://db.irowiki.org/classic/


Prontera region:
  • Prontera City, including Prontera Castle
  • Izlude Town
  • Byalan Island
  • Undersea Tunnel
  • Prontera Fields
  • Prontera Culverts
  • Hidden Temple
  • St. Capitolina Abbey
  • Valkyrie Realm
Aldebaran region:
  • Aldebaran city
  • Clock Tower
  • Mt. Mjolnir
  • Coal Mine
  • Luina
Geffen region:
  • Geffen Town
  • Geffen Tower dungeon
  • Geffen Fields
  • Orc Dungeon
  • The lost city of Glast Heim
  • Britoniah
Payon region:
  • Payon Town, Archer Village
  • Payon Fields
  • Payon Cave
  • Alberta Town
  • Alberta Island
  • Sunken Ship
  • Turtle Island
  • Greenwood Lake
Morroc region:
  • Morroc Town
  • Morroc Fields
  • Pyramids Dungeon
  • Sphinx Dungeon
  • Ant Hell
Comodo region:
  • Comodo Beach town
  • Comodo Caves
  • Kokomo Beach
  • Papuchicha Forest
  • Kokomo Beach
  • Zenhai Marsh
  • Fortress Saint Darmain
  • Beacon Island Pharos
Umbala region:
  • Umbala village
  • Luluka Forest
  • Hoomga Jungle
  • Kalala Swamp
  • the Tree of Umbala
Juno region:
  • Juno city
  • Juno fields (narrow path between Aldebaran and Juno)
  • Nogg Road dungeon
Lutie region:
  • Lutie town
  • Lutie field
  • Toy Factory
Outside Midgard:
  • Hvergelmir's Fountain (Trunk of Yggdrasil)
  • Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead
  • village of Skellington
  • valley of Gjoll

Episode 0.4 map

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