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Floating Exp Rates event

Floating Exp Rates event

With WoE on a hiatus, guilds have the chance to organize and prepare to face the one that was currently dominating the scenario. We'll give you the chance to level & gear up with this weekend's floating experience event!

On August 24th and 25th we will have floating rates on the server. It will start after Saturday night's maintenance. We will try our best to do this as early as possible, but there is still some work to do.

But what are these floating rates?

  • Every hour an experience rate will be randomly chosen from 6.0x to 8.0x.
  • Yes, base and job experience will be adjusted to the same rate. And yes, this also can be 6.4 or 7.9.
  • These rates only count for normal monsters. Quests and MvP experience rates are not affected by the floating experience rates.

About the upcoming update, we can proudly announce Amatsu will be in it. We will also add the marriage system, not just for straight couples, but also for couples of the same sex! For those who want to lend their accounts to other people we have good news, too. The guest account system will receive an update to increase security for those who lend out their beloved characters!

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