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Server Info



Our rates are 5/5/5/3. This means that:

  • You get 5 times the base Base exp. and Job exp. you'd get from defeating monsters in official servers;
  • Quests that reward you with experience will yield 2.5 times the experience they would on official servers;
  • Normal monsters are 5 times more likely to drop items in official servers and
  • MVP and Boss Drops are as high as 3 times the drop rate on official servers.
  • MVP Cards, Boss Cards and Castle Drops are the same drop rate as on official servers.

Max Level

  • Normal classes - 99/50
  • Transcended classes - 99/70
  • Extended classes - 99/50
  • Expanded classes - 99/70
  • Super Novices - 99/99

Max Stats

  • All adult classes - 99
  • Baby classes - 80

What makes Origins Online unique?

Our server has the purpose to remind as much as possible the official servers, in their classic Pre-Renewal state that has been long abandoned by the publishers, and we don't have the unbalancing custom items and NPCs that you can find in most private servers.

Classic RO

Since we dislike many of the changes that were introduced by the Renewal system, we'll be following the developments of the Classic iRO server, starting from the origins (that's where our name comes from!), and make the world of Rune-Midgard evolve bit by bit, evaluating each Episode's content before implementing it in the game in order to avoid breaking the gameplay, guided by player feedback.

Character looks

Since the official cloth colors and hairstyles are old and boring, we provide facilities to change every aspect of your character's style and colors! Each character will come to life with its own skin color, just like in real life (normal, pale, tan, dark). There will be barbers to change one's hairstyle or dye their hair, tailors to help with choosing cloth colors, and a wardrobe in which to keep all your favorite clothes. All the dyes and cloth colors have been hand-picked by our staff, to make sure that they all fit well within the game world. We offer a Stylist Service via the Control Panel to easily create styles and to apply them ingame. You can access this service via the Control Panel; simply select the Stylist tool.

Skin colors will be randomly selected based on what hometown you select when creating a game account, for example: if you choose morroc as your hometown for a game account, that game account has a higher chance to generate dark skinned characters, while choosing Aldebaran will generate more pale skinned characters. All hometowns can yield all four skin color variants, but the chances vary between towns based on the towns environment.

Master Login System

Tired of typing your password every time you log into your account? Tired of looking up the usernames and passwords of your several Game Accounts? So are we!

That's why we've introduced the Master Login System: You will only need one username and one password in order to log in to the game (to all of your accounts), to the forums and to the Control Panel. The Game Launcher will let you decide whether you want to memorize your username, your password, or both, so that you won't have to type them anymore on your own computer!

Furthermore, all the Game Accounts linked to your Master Account will have an additional Storage (Master Storage) shared between them: sharing gears and items between your own characters has never been this easy.

Worried about sharing your support priest with a friend, or sharing a brewer with your guild? We've thought of that already: you will be able to create a guest password to access one specific Game Account, without having to disclose your Master Account to anybody else. Just log in to the Control Panel, create a password (or let it generate one for you) and add an expiration date if wanted. The people you'll share that password with will be able to access that specific Game Account, but nothing else from your Master Account. Once you decide you don’t want to share that account anymore, just remove the Guest Password, and nobody will be able to access it anymore.

WoE and PvP

War of Emperium

Click here to check the time schedule for next WoE, with timezone detailed info



All the commands that can be used with the @ (at) symbol can be used with the _ (underscore) symbol too. This means that if you have troubles (e.g. Italian keyboards among others) with typing @autoloot, you can use _autoloot instead.

List of available commands (in alphabetical order):

Adds/Removes/Resets item-specific Autoloot, you can also use +@etc, +@usable, +@equip, +@card, +@pet to loot specific item types.
Enables/disables auto-looting from the killed monsters.
Excludes specific items from Autoloot.
Allows you to continue vending offline.
Shows a list of available commands for quick reference.
Toggles whether night effects are enabled, or whether days should be permanent.
Organize, join, leave or manage a duel.
Displays current levels and % progress.
Shows the gained experience per minute (as a flat value and as a percentage) since login.
Get info about monster currently receiving experience reward boost.
(for Guild-Leaders only) Manage permissions for Guild Members to access the Guild Storage.
Get help about a command.
Show info about your homunculus.
Commands what your homunculus will say.
Save and restore multiple hotkey sets
Show info about the specified item.
Show your remaining jail time (if any).
Joins a channel (e.g. #main our #trade).
Count kills by the character on target monster (selected by ID).
Show info about the monsters that spawn in the specified map.
Displays a message in the *Yourname message* format (like the /me IRC command).
Memorize a Warp Portal destination in the chosen slot, by paying one Blue Gemstone. You can also use this command to check where your respawn point is, regardless of character class.
Show info about the specified monster.
Auto-rejects invites and deals.
Prevents you from kill-stealing other people by mistake.
Leaves a channel (e.g. #main or #trade).
Changes the party share settings.
Commands what your pet will say.
Shows the time spent on the current session and the total time spent playing the character.
Shows the current server rates.
Sends a message to all the online GMs that are currently ingame.
Show visual effects when attacking with elemental weaponry/endows.
Toggles display of join/part messages in chat channels.
Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after a skill" message.
Displays/Hides the gained experience points.
Displays a message and plays an effect and sound when you get a rare item.
Show the result of the random function that determines whether an item will be dropped or not.
Displays/Hides the gained money.
Shows a list of info about your character's statistics.
Shows the current server/game time.
Shows how long has the server been online since last maintenance.
Finds out in which maps a monster spawns.
Show who drops the specified item.
Find any merchants selling the specified item, or items containing the specified card.
Show the amount of HP/SP recovered by consumables.

Whisper Commands

There are also some "Whisper" commands available. They are as simple to use as to send a Personal Message to a specific nickname.

All the Personal Messages sent to the special name main will be delivered to the #main channel, to be used for a general, server-wide chat.
All the Personal Messages sent to the special name ally will be delivered to the #ally channel, shared between guilds and their alliances.
All the Personal Messages to the special name rp will be delivered to the #rp channel, for role-playing.
All the Personal Messages to the special name support will be delivered to the #support channel, to be used for support requests.
All the Personal Messages to the special name trade will be delivered to the #trade channel, for trade or price check requests.
All the Personal Messages to the special name party will be delivered to the #party channel, for party seeking and forming.
All the Personal Messages to the special name map will be delivered to the #map channel, for a map-wide general chat.
Sending a Personal Message to this will open up the automatic log-in commands so you do not have to type them each login.

Language-specific channels are also available:

Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese channel.
Tagalog channel.
Dutch channel.
German channel.
Japanese channel (all characters that are part of UTF-8 supported).

Technical Info

Ragnarok emulator
Hercules, with anti-cheat protection
Operating System
Gentoo Linux with custom-tailored kernel
Europe. A proxy server in Singapore is available, to reduce latency jitter for players in the APAC region