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Returning to our roots (April Fool's Edition)

Returning to our roots (April Fool's Edition)

We have an important announcement to make regarding the future of Origins Online.

(April Fool's)

Change is not a new concept for Origins Online. For six years Origins Online has grown. Evolved. Transcended. Our humble journey saw us start at the very beginning of Ragnarok, and from there we evolved; the floating city of Juno; new lands off the shores of Alberta; the early introduction of expanded classes; the Somatology Laboratory... and finally, Rebirth.

We knew from the start that implementing Rebirth classes would divide the community, but we could never have been prepared for how much it would fracture the server. Many players, unhappy with this pivotal change, departed for greener pastures in search of that classic experience we were parting ways with. For those that remained, pre-trans was still a hot topic. Pre-trans WoE. Opening a second pre-trans server. We made the hard decision to push forward, and leave that life behind.

A few months later we released a new content update - Abyss Lake. Players were concerned. Things were progressing too quickly. Things felt rushed. After waiting 5 years for Rebirth, another major content update came out in just a matter of months.

Recent times have seen our playerbase spike to unprecedented numbers, and we find keeping up with expectations an increasing challenge. Player concerns have been mounting increasingly as time goes on and we now find ourselves at a tipping point.

We had to take a step back and evaluate our core values. What is Origins Online really about? Could we truly say that we were delivering a classic experience when we were falling into all of the same traps that led to the demise of the game we all know and love? The future looked uncertain. And so, we had to make a decision.

The decision to revert Origins Online to a pre-trans server.

So what does this mean?

First and foremost, there will be no server wipes. Nobody will have to start again. Any transcendent character will be set at the same level as they were before and just be downgraded to their non-transcendent counterpart. For example, a Level 93 High Priest will become a level 93 Priest. All non-trans skills will remain the same, so there will be no need to change your build.

In addition, we have made the following changes:

  • Due to persistent confusion with the experience bonus system, it has been changed to an experience penalty to better reflect public opinion
  • Autotrade has been disabled to better emulate the official RO experience

As always, the full changelog can be found in our patch notes at Gitlab (available in the next 24 hours).

The decision to revert to a pre-trans server is not one that has been taken lightly. However, we feel confident that going forward we will be able to deliver a quality classic experience, one that truly reflects our ideals as an old-school, classic server.

We continue to appreciate your feedback and will endeavor to keep the community's best interests at heart as we go forward. We truly appreciate everyone's support and hope you all enjoy returning to our origins.

Sincerely, The Origins Team

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