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Episode 10.0: Lighthalzen

Episode 10.0: Lighthalzen

Deep in the heart of the Schwarzwald Republic lies the city of Lighthalzen. A bustling metropolis that has earned its title as the commercial center of the world, Lighthalzen is not all it seems. There are rumors, dark rumors. Parents that go missing, secret experiments beneath the Rekenber headquarters, a man who claims to have created life. Do you dare investigate?

The Schwarzwald Airship Service is currently accepting Lighthalzen-bound passengers in Juno.

Rumor Bulletin board:

  • Supposedly there's a shady man in the slums who claims to be an ex member of the Rekenber Corporation. Maybe you could bribe him for some information?
  • There's a rumor that a scientist at Rekenber has made an incredible discovery. Competent Alchemists are encouraged to seek him out. He might offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity... if you can get inside to meet him.*
  • Rumor has it that two mysterious individuals named Seiyablem and Leablem have been seen tinkering with the weapons and armor of adventurers.
  • A strange man claiming to have a souvenier from a world-famous detective has been spotted in Lighthalzen.
  • Some say a new branch of the airship has opened up in Izlude.
  • New inns and taverns have opened up all across the world. See if you can find them all!
  • War of Emperium update! Two castles will now be open per day.

In other news, the Kafra corporation has expanded their warp service. Now you can warp to anywhere in Rune-Midgard from your favorite local Kafra representative (Standard zeny rates still apply)! Kafra representatives in outlying towns will now also offer a warp service back to the capital of Prontera.

* Note: Any job 50 Alchemists that have no free skill points will receive a complimentary refund of up to 3 points. Make a private Confidential GitLab ticket with your character name and which skills you would like the points to be subtracted from.

For more details, see the complete patch notes

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