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A - They are the following:

  • Character-name Changes: 500,000 zeny. Swapping names will be the price of two name-changes
  • Pet-name (or futurely Homunculus-name) Changes: 100,000 zeny
  • Guild-name Changes: 2,500,000 zeny
  • Guild-leader Changes 5,000,000 zeny. This cannot be done on Fridays nor Saturdays, and it will be announced publicly.
  • Weddings: 3,000,000 zeny. These can be held anywhere (does not have to be in a chapel). You can request them ingame (through @request, though we'll only receive the message if one of us is online at that time) or on our IRC channel (which can be reached ingame by whispering #irc). If no GM can be found, you can reach the team through our issue tracker. Just create a new ticket explaining what you need done.

A - The chapel in northwest Lutie allows same-sex marriage. It also accepts straight couples

A - Southwest Prontera, in a building or right outside it. Look for an icon that says "Tailor" on your minimap and click it to navigate there.

A - Well, you can help any way you can. If you'd like to help us advertise on RMS, specifically, just grab the mask from here, replace the sections between {curly brackets} and post it in the threads/topics that seem appropriate in RMS's server-seeking board.

A - Log in with your Master Account on the CP. On the side panel, under "Master Account", click on "My Account". Now click on the username of the account that houses the character you wish to delete. To find the number, search for "Char Deletion PIN" on that page.

A - We try to keep an average of 3 months between each episode being released. This is OriginsRO, so expect us to follow kRO/iRO order in which episodes were released, but don't be surprised if content of two episodes is merged, or the content of one episode is split into two, or if the order itself is slightly altered, as we will do what seems more reasonable at that time (e.g. WoE was delayed until Umbala/Nifleheim, then merged with it). However, due to problems we've had in the past when publishing deadlines but not being able to prepare the update before them, we are no longer releasing dates for when episodes are supposed to come out. Please do not insist.

A - Some items were deemed not game-breaking. Most equipments and cards not pertaining to the current episode, however, have been removed.

A - Some balance changes were deemed important to keep the game properly balanced. Most enemy stats, equipments and cards not pertaining to the current episode, however, have been altered or removed."

A - First of all, mind you that by doing this, you'll be missing the chance of helping a potential newcomer from getting the help he needs before joining the server. More than once have we had people that were still deciding whether to join appear on our IRC channel first, ask questions about this place, get answers from the players and decide to join. If you really want to stay out of IRC, here's what you can do: Under "Master Account", click "My Account" (or just click here). Now for each row in the second table there, click on the "Username" entry. This will take you to that particular game account.Click "Modify Preferences". Check "Don't join the #irc channel". Check this for all accounts you do not want to join #irc automatically. And remember: you can always use @join #irc to join it manually for that session (then either @part #irc or just relog if you want to leave it).

A - Whisper anything to NPC:AutoCommands ingame. That will open an NPC window which allows you to save said commands.

A - Use NPC:Autocommands (as already explained in this FAQ) to automatically do @join #channel when you log in. #channel should be replaced with a channel from the list available in our About page (in my case, that would be @join #pt).

A - If you are just wondering how much an item weights, who drops it, how much HP it has, where said monster is and what other mobs will be there, I highly recommend using ingame commands (@ii, @whodrops, @mi, @whereis, @mapmobs). If you want a database to be accessed from your web browser, you can use the DB provided by our Control Panel, or iROWiki Classic DB, which is the closest official one, but mind you: some monster do not spawn on iRO Classic at all, and we might have readded them to their respective maps, so you should still use @mapmobs when you're unsure.

A - We picked 5/5/5/3 because this is a standard for low rate servers, and pleases a large portion of our players. We have no plans to change that throughout the server's lifetime.

A - We aim to offer an experience similar to that of official servers, minus the infamous Kafra Shop (cash item mall). So no, we will not get these NPCs at all.

A - Yes, we will release all episodes up until renewal (which won't be added). This is not set to be a permanent pre-trans server.

A - Don't expect one job to be able to trans into an unrelated class, like a Hunter becoming a Minstrel/Clown. However, there is chance that the Valkyrie NPC will be altered to allow reborn classes to become 1/1 High Novices again, in case they want to change their builds for whatever reason and don't want to go through a complete remake. This has been tested in the past, and the results were positive.

A - We will continue to provide new content. We have a very special project in mind already, and a good portion of it is done. We will also attempt to implement RE maps and mobs without having to adapt our mechanics, similar to what jRO did.

A - The best place for asking them are the forums. Please read the description of each area carefully to avoid posting it on the wrong place. You can also ask it on our IRC channel, either through a proper client or PMing #irc ingame. You can also reach us on Twitter, @OriginsRO. Using the forums is still the recommended method, for it's always available for everyone at any time.