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Live chat with the OriginsRO staff and other members!

Our Telegram group can be reach @OriginsRO. Fast, reliable way to reach all staff members, that doesn't require a stable connection.

Our IRC chat is located at the #OriginsRO channel on the Rizon IRC network. Messages sent to the IRC channel are relayed ingame to #irc, and vice-versa. This is a much better way to reach staff members than to message #main, which requires at least one of us to be paying attention to the game client.

If you plan on spending a lot of time on IRC, we recommend you to download an IRC client, such as X-Chat (for Linux, OS X or Windows), Colloquy (for OS X or iOS), mIRC (for Windows) or the Firefox addon ChatZilla.

After installing the client, connect to the server irc.rizon.net and join the channel #OriginsRO.

It is strongly advised to register your nickname with the IRC service provider, to avoid identity thefts. For info about nick registration, type /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER after connecting to the IRC server, or visit this page. Note: Nicknames registration isn't in any way affiliated with OriginsRO.

If you do not wish to install an IRC client, or you have problems with firewalls or proxies, use the Web Chat.

It features smileys, colors, translations and a lot of nice features. And it doesn't require a Java plugin to be installed on your computer :D